Fridgetech UK Ltd are primarily a mechanical contracting company focused on delivering quality design, build and managed solutions to the building services and construction industry.

Our customers include:

  • Architects
  • Property Developers
  • Construction Companies.

The company provides:

  • A full complement of in-house mechanical and electrical equipment and system design services using AutoCAD MEP and FTUK in-house developed software.
  • Equipment construction.
  • Equipment and/or whole system installation.
  • Equipment and/or whole system testing and commissioning.
  • After sales service and troublshooting.
  • After sales maintenance and warranty.

For the following non-exhaustive list:

  • Air conditioning.
  • Ventilation.
  • Plumbing and heating.
  • Electrical.
  • Building controls.
  • Renewable technologies.
  • Refrigeration.

Fridgetech UK Ltd offer the following air conditioning design, build and install services:

  • Chilled water systems:
    • With comfort-cooling fan coil units ordinarily used in offices and hotels.
    • With close-control air handling units ordinarily used in data centers.
  • VRV Systems (Variable Refrigerant Volume)
    • Heat Pump Systems for non-simultaneous heating and cooling.
    • Heat Recovery Systems permitting simultaneous heating and cooling.
    • With multiple types and type combinations of indoor systems:
      • Indoor units of various types for comfort cooling.
      • Indoor units for computer room close control applications.
      • Indoor units for heat pump boiler applications:
        • Low temperature up to 50°C
        • High temperature cascade system up to 80°C
  • Multi-Split heat pump systems
    • With multiple types and type combinations of indoor units for comfort cooling.
  • Mini-Split heat pump systems
    • With multiple types and type combinations of indoor units for comfort cooling.
    • Some systems can be adapted for computer room cooling but without close control functions.

Fridgetech UK Ltd offer fresh air ventilation systems of the following types:

  • 100% Fresh air ventilation for high occupancy applications.
    • This is often done in the form of low level supply displacement air conditioning.
  • Occupancy proportional fresh air ventilation for low occupancy applications.
  • Simple ducted extraction fan systems.
  • Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) - normally recovering up to 75% of the work spent in cooling or heating.
    • Options are for either:
      • Sensible heat recovery (Dry heat only).
      • Total enthalpy recovery (Both dry and wet heat).
    • Heat Recovery systems can be configured to create either positive or negative pressures within the ventilated zone.
  • Industrial dust control.
  • Commercial kitchen extraction hoods.
  • Swimming pool heating and ventilation.

Fridgetech UK Ltd design, build, supply and fit all types of plumbing and heating systems.

The following list is not exhaustive:

  • Mains cold water supply.
  • Cold water treatment (normally conditioning and/or softening).
  • Cold water storage.
  • Cold water boost pump sets.
  • Hot water storage.
    • Air Source Heat Pump Boilers
    • Direct Gas Fired Boilers.
    • Gas Boilers.
    • Solar Heating.
  • Hot and cold water distribution pipework.
  • All fixings and fixtures.
  • Soil and sanitatry drainage.
  • Rain water drainage.
  • Under floor heating.
    • Usually coupled to towel radiators.
  • Swimming pool heating.

Fridgetech UK Ltd design, build and install a variety of electrical facilities:

  • Plant room electromechanical control panels.
    • Plant room control sensors and drivers.
    • Provision for integration with building management systems by other (AV/BMS)
  • Small commercial property electrification.
  • Luxury and small domestic property electrification.

Fridgetech UK Ltd offer the following renewables technologies design, build and install services:

  • Ground source heat pump systems.
  • Air source heat pump systems.
  • Solar heating systems.
  • Photo Voltaic electrical power generating systems.
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