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HVAC Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
Our building services engineering solutions include:
Heat Pump Boilers (RHI Grants)
Ground source heat pump boilers.
Water source heat pump boilers.
Air source heat pump boilers.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation
Industrial and commercial air conditioning.
Heat recovery ventilation.
Indoor pool heating and ventilation.

Plumbing and heating.
Hot and cold water storage and distribution.
Rainwater harvesting.
Above ground drainage.
Below ground drainage (design only).
All heat pump boiler types.
Solar thermal.
Solar photovoltaic.

● Equipment power supplies.
Plantroom power distrubution.
Plantroom and building services controls.

Industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration.
Cold rooms.
Freezer rooms.
Wine cellar coolers.
Beer cellar coolers.